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Our goal is to safely guide you with good service at a reasonable price.

Fly Fishing Mongolia is a travel agency registered in Spain, which also operates with its own company in Mongolia. This part of the company oversees carrying out logistic operations in the Asian country.

The main reasons our company is registered in Spain are the following:

  • We provide our customers the option of making safer payments with guarantees. Sometimes payments with Mongolian banks can cause problems.
  • Adrian, the manager and founder, is from Spain and the headquarters of his company is in Spain.

The company is jointly owned and managed by:

  • Adrian Satue: professional fishing guide. Manager and creator of two fishing companies in Europe (Pyrenees Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing France) and one in Mongolia.
  • Turun: logistics manager and guide coordinator in Mongolia.


Coordinator and founder
Camp Coordinator

The company started up in 2018, when Adrian was exploring the fishing possibilities in Mongolia for over 3 months. Since that year, we’ve worked in designing fishing itineraries to offer you the most authentic experience in Mongolia.

On this trip he met Turun, his current business partner and right hand in the company.

Turun and Adrian put a strong emphasis on recruiting staff with a rigorous selection process, regular training, skills development, and itinerary research.

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