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Live the authentic Mongolian experience: rest in our hotels, immerse yourself in the local culture in our gers and explore nature in our traveling camps

Our tailor-made trips have various accommodation options depending on the selected fishing area:

  • Hotels: we work with 4-star luxury hotels all the way to simple accommodations in the cities of Ulaanbaatar and Mörön. We use these accommodations upon arrival and at the end of the trip. In general, we look for accommodations near downtown which allows us to easily walk to the main tourist attractions.
  • Tourist ger camps: we use tourist accommodations called ger camps on specific occasions along our route. These accommodations are like those of a simple campsite but use the traditional dwellings of steppe nomads. Each ger has between 2 and 4 individual beds, a traditional stove and storage wardrobes. There’s a separate building with a restaurant or dining room, and sometimes a bar or recreation room.
  • Traveling camps: we use tents to sleep in most of our trips. It must be considered that we’re looking for remote fishing areas without tourist pressure.

The experience of camping in places of enormous beauty is incredible! You’ll enjoy starry skies and sunrises and sunsets of great beauty!

The logistics of our camps for small groups of 4 or 6 people are as follows (adaptable based on the number of guests):

  • 2 drivers – guides (not fishing guides) and a cook. A Russian van will be used for tourists and a trailer for the transport of materials. The guides will take care of the logistics while the cook oversees preparing the meals.
  • 2 large tarps (one for cooking and another for eating in case of rain), good quality tents, sleeping bags (they’ll serve as backups in case of extreme cold weather), mats, tables, chairs, a generator, a freezer to preserve food, bottles of drinking water, a kitchen generator for charging and lighting and a shower tarp.

Logistics will be adapted to the pricing and number of guests in the group. Some trips will include a cook who will prepare amazing food! Some trips with less staff and a tighter budget, the guides will be the ones who will cook. It’s important to mention all our guides have basic training in cooking, but not all of them are great chefs.

It’s also important that you let us know if you have any allergies or eat gluten free or have an intolerance to certain foods.

Finally, it’s worth noting that traveling camps will have portable showers, but don’t count with toilets.

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