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This Web site incorporates a series of elements to comply with the requirement specified by the DIGITAL KIT for the Accessibility item “Web site and basic Internet presence”: “the design must comply with level AA conformance criteria of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines”.

These elements include:

  • The plugin ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech that allows to incorporate Audio in all the texts of the website, so that the user can LISTEN to the content of the text that he selects with the mouse. TRY IT BY SELECTING THIS TEXT!
  • The plugin Accessibility by UserWay allows, in the installed version, to parameterize the following elements:
  • Contrast
  • Highlight Link
  • Large Text
  • Text Spacing
  • Stop animations
  • Hide images
  • Dyslexia friendly
  • Cursor
  • Information
  • Line height
  • Aligned text
  • Saturation

In the construction of Inogar’s web page, measures have been adopted with the objective that the greatest possible number of people can reach the information that is transmitted in it, independently of the limitations of the person or those that derive from the context of use.

Thus, the following aspects have been taken into account in the creation of the portal:

  • Use of CSS for the presentation of information.
  • Markup tags.
  • Usable, intuitive and alternative navigation systems.
  • Alternative descriptions in the images.
  • Verifications in the visualization with different browsers and devices.
  • Use of universal and alternative formats.
  • Links provide details of the function or destination of the hyperlink.
  • Use of W3C standards.
    Access through keyboard shortcuts to the main options.

Standards compliance

The pages of this Web site comply with the AA mark according to the UNE 139803:2004 Standard and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. All Priority 1 and Priority 2 requirements and a subset of the Priority 3 requirements have been checked with a manual accessibility analysis through different semi-automatic tools and user agents.

Keyboard shortcuts

On this Web site you can make orderly jumps in the content with the Tab key.

Text size

The accessible design allows the user to adjust fonts to the size that suits him/her. This can be done in different ways depending on the web browser used. The following is the menu action where this functionality is found in the most common browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox: View > Text Size > Increase Internet
  • Internet Explorer: View > Text Size > Larger
  • Opera: View > Zoom > %
  • Safari: View > Make text bigger
  • Google Chrome: Tools > Zoom
    Technical settings
    The web pages are created with the CMS WordPress 6.1.1.

Useful information on accessibility

Below is a series of links organized in different categories useful to get more information about accessibility.


Accessibility of standards and technical documents:
World Wide Web Consortium, an international working group that dictates general guidelines related to the Web.
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative


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