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Fly Fishing Trip for taimen in Mongolia

Fly Fishing Trip for taimen in Mongolia

Trip designed fly fishing for taimen in Mongolia. An adventure in the province of Hövsgöl where the fisherman will have the chance to catch the largest salmon in the world! This river that has trophy-sized taimens. We’ll use traveling camps at the foot of the river for the best possible trip!


Fishing species:

taimen, lenok and pike (scarce, only in some arms and lagoons along the river)

Time of the year:

June to September


large plain river.

Nearby cities:



from Mörön


this itinerary is ideal for those friends or couples who enjoy adventure! It’s also perfect for fishermen and their companions looking for a unique experience! Excellent physical condition is not required, although you must be willing to spend several nights in tents.

Activities for companions:

this trip has none.


a camp with tents and tarps at the foot of the river.


the logistics will vary depending on the size of the group accompanying us in our trips. For groups, we have the presence of two driver-guides (without fishing experience) and a cook on each expedition. For the transfer of tourists, we’ll use a Russian van, while the gear will be transported in a trailer. The planning of the itinerary and the general coordination of the trip will be overseen by the guides, while the cook will be in charge of preparing the meals for all participants.

Fishing gear: 

the fisherman must bring their own fishing gear

What's included?
What's not included?

Example of a 9-day taimen fishing trip in Mongolia:

To get to Mörön, you need to travel from your home country to Ulan Bator and take a domestic flight taking you directly to Mörön. We’ll provide you with the ticket for this domestic flight in advance. The Mörön airport is small and cozy. When you arrive, we’ll be waiting for you at the airport to start the adventure!

Arrival by plane from the country of origin to Ulan Bator, where the ground transportation services will begin. They’ll take a domestic flight from Ulan Bator to Mörön. We’ll receive you at the airport and transfer you to a hotel in Mörön.

We’ll start the transfer from Mörön to the fishing area, which will last between 4 and 6 hours. In the afternoon, we’ll enjoy fishing in the area.

We’ll have dinner and rest in the traveling camp that the guides will have previously prepared.

We’ll have breakfast in the camp on the foot of the river and then we’ll transfer to the fishing area in trips between 15 minutes – 1 hour.

We’ll enjoy lunch in the camp together with the guides, cooks, and other equipment. If the camp is far from the fishing area, we’ll provide a picnic by the river.

In the afternoon, we’ll fish and then return to the traveling camp for dinner and to rest.

We’ll have breakfast at the camp and spend the morning fishing. Then, we’ll transfer to Mörön to enjoy dinner in a restaurant. That night, we’ll sleep in a comfortable hotel in this small town.

We’ll have breakfast and prepare the suitcase. We’ll transfer you from the hotel to the Mörön airport, where you’ll take a flight to Ulan Bator that we’ve previously procured. A taxi will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel for lunch. They’ll have the afternoon to visit the city, buy souvenirs, and have dinner in a good restaurant.

We’ll have breakfast and transfer you to the Ulan Bator airport in a previously reserved taxi. This’ll mark the end of our services.

What’s taimen fly fishing like in Mongolia?

Taimen fly fishing in Mongolia is an unforgettable experience for any fishermen looking for a thrilling adventure. Mongolia is home to the world’s largest salmonid fish, the taimen, which can reach up to 6-feet in length and weigh over 200 pounds! This majestic fish is also known as the river wolf, and it’s highly sought after by fly fishermen from around the world!

The rivers in Mongolia offer excellent habitat for taimen with clear waters and abundant food sources. The fish are known for their aggressive strikes, and they’ll attack a well-presented fly with ferocity. Fishermen can use a variety of techniques to catch taimen including streamers, surface poppers, and dry flies.

One of the best things about taimen fly-fishing in Mongolia is the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you! The rivers flow through breathtaking valleys with snow-capped mountains in the distance. You’ll have the opportunity to fish in remote areas far from civilization and experience the raw wilderness of Mongolia.

Taimen fly-fishing in Mongolia is also a cultural experience. The guides are typically local Mongolian people who have grown up on the rivers and know them intimately. They can provide insight into the local customs and traditions, and they’ll often share stories about their experiences fishing for taimen.

In addition to taimen, Mongolia offers excellent fishing for lenok, grayling, and other species. Fishermen can combine their taimen fishing with other species to create a well-rounded fishing trip. Whether you’re a seasoned fly fisherman or a beginner, taimen fly-fishing in Mongolia is an adventure that you’ll never forget!

What are the best months to go on a taimen fishing trip in Mongolia?

If you’re planning a fly fishing trip to Mongolia to target taimen, you’ll want to consider the best months for taimen fishing to ensure the highest chances of success. The optimal months for taimen fly fishing in Mongolia are July, August, and September.

In July, the water levels in the rivers have typically receded from the spring snowmelt, making the rivers clearer and more fishable. Taimen are also more active in July, as they start to move from their deeper holding pools into the faster riffles and runs to feed. This makes them more accessible to fly fishermen, and the aggressive strikes are sure to get your heart racing!

August is considered the prime month for taimen fly-fishing in Mongolia as the fish are at the peak of their feeding activity. The water levels are still relatively low, making wading easier, and the fish are active and willing to take a well-presented fly. The weather is generally warm and dry with comfortable temperatures during the day and cooler nights.

In September, the weather in Mongolia starts to cool down, and the leaves on the trees begin to change color. The taimen are still active and feeding, but they begin to move back into their deeper holding pools as the water temperatures drop. This means that fishermen may need to target different areas of the river to find the fish, but they are still catchable with the right techniques.

It’s worth noting that Mongolia experiences a short summer season, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25°C (59 to 77°F). The weather can be unpredictable with occasional rain showers and thunderstorms, but overall it’s a pleasant time to fish.

In addition to the taimen fishing, the summer months in Mongolia offer stunning natural beauty, with the lush green hillsides and wildflowers in bloom. The nomadic culture of Mongolia also comes to life during the summer months with festivals and traditional celebrations taking place throughout the country.

Overall, if you want to experience the best taimen fly-fishing in Mongolia, plan your trip for July, August, or September. Not only will the fishing be at its best, but you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of this incredible country!

What are the traveling camps like on our taimen fishing trip in Mongolia?

In our company we offer two types of camps and personalized logistics, always adapted to the size of the group of fishermen who visit us.

For groups of around 6 people, our traveling camps are designed to offer comfort and practicality. We have two large tarps, one to cook and another to eat in case of rain. In addition, we provide high-quality tents, enough sleeping bags to keep warm in extreme cold, mats, tables, and chairs to enjoy meals and rest, a power generator, a freezer to preserve food, bottles of drinking water and a tarp with a portable shower.

Our guides will be available to set up and dismount the camp in each fishing area and transport the fishermen using vehicles both in the morning and afternoon. The cooks and guides take care of all the logistics allowing the fishermen to enjoy the fishing itself. Although our basic traveling camp doesn’t include extravagant luxuries, we consider this type of camping to be authentic and adventurous, making it ideal for an unforgettable trip!

On the other hand, for smaller groups of 1 or 2 people, our traveling camps are simpler, but we always seek to adapt them to the needs of our guests according to the price of the trip. We usually include a guide and cook-camper, high-quality tents, enough sleeping bags to keep you warm in extreme cold, mats, tables, and chairs to enjoy meals and rest, a power generator, a freezer to preserve food and bottles of drinking water.

Our guides will be available to set up and dismount the camp in each fishing area, and there will always be a guide available to accompany the fishermen. The cook will take care of all the logistics allowing the fishermen to enjoy fishing. At our company, we take pride in providing our guests with unforgettable and tailor-made fishing experiences!


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