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The Altai Osman is a prehistoric cyprinid inhabiting the majestic Altai Mountains, and it holds great appeal for fly fishing. Would you like to explore its fishing with us?

Where does the Altai Osman live in Mongolia?

The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in Central Asia, occupying territories of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The Irtysh, Obi and Yenisei rivers originate in these mountains, which are over 4,000 metres high.
This mountain range was declared a natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998 due to its biodiversity. The region is located at the intersection of the Central Asian and Siberian faunal provinces and has a climate that has made it one of the few places on the planet to preserve an Ice Age fauna.
In the rivers and lakes of this high-altitude land in north-western Mongolia is the habitat of the prehistoric Altai Osman.

Fly Fishing Mongolia

Characteristics and behaviour of the prehistoric Mongolian fish?

The Altai Osman (Oreoleuciscus potanini) is a species of Cypriniformes (carp) endemic to the Altai Mountains and part of southern Siberia, with a life expectancy exceeding 40 years. It does not breed until 8-9 years of age and when it reaches more than 20 centimetres in length.

Size: They can reach dimensions of more than 100 centimetres.
Weight: Up to 10 kilograms.
Breeding season: May – June.
Feeding: Young individuals are omnivorous, while adults become carnivorous.
Preferred habitat type: Shallow lakes and rivers connecting lakes.

Fly Fishing Mongolia

Best lakes and rivers in Mongolia for fishing Altai Osman

As mentioned in the section on the distribution of this yellowish-green cyprinid, it is found in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia and in parts of southern Siberia. Some of the best locations for fly fishing are the Khoton and Khurgan lakes, Uvs, Orog, Sangiin Dalai and Ust-Nur Lake.

Flies to fish with Altai Osman

For fishing the big Altai Osman, streamers such as Woolly Bugger, Muddler Minnow, Mikkleson’s Epoxy Bait Fish or Hot Head Damsel can be used. These flies should not be too heavy, as they need to work shallow. You can also try fishing them on certain days of the year with large terrestrial dry flies or even a fly that imitates a small mouse.

Fly Fishing Mongolia
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