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Planning a fly fishing trip to Mongolia? In this article, you can compare and analyze the top five companies that provide fly fishing trips in Mongolia:


Fish Mongolia has been providing fly fishing experiences for taimen, trout, and graylings in Mongolia for three decades. Their trips stand out for fishing in highly protected areas, limiting fishing groups to ensure an exclusive experience. Although their 10-day guided fishing trips come with a cost exceeding $8,000, this operation is ideal for affluent anglers due to its excellent service, recognized with awards such as the Travel+Leisure Global Vision Award.
The company not only focuses on elite fishing but also actively engages in taimen conservation projects, addressing threats such as overexploitation, pollution, and habitat degradation. Committed to river and taimen protection, they collaborate closely with local communities and organizations.
Fish Mongolia’s trips offer a comprehensive experience with a highly experienced team of chefs, camp staff, and guides supporting each expedition. Sleeping in Nordic tipis or traditional Mongolian gers, the aim is to provide maximum comfort to anglers.
Travel options include “Headwaters Expeditions,” “Classic Canyons,” “Combined Journey,” and “Taimen Camp,” offering a variety of experiences to cater to the preferences of anglers.


If you’re in search of a fly fishing trip in Mongolia that offers excellent value, focusing on dry fly fishing and wading, Fly Fishing Mongolia is the ideal choice. Established in 2022, this company stands out by providing rates less than half of other operators, avoiding intermediaries, offering a more austere service with locally knowledgeable fishing guides, and prioritizing wading fishing. They use mobile camps and concentrate on discovering suitable spots for dry fly fishing in small rivers, providing a unique experience for fishing enthusiasts who value quantity over the size of the fish. Their trips include options such as “Taimen & Lenok Trip,” “Fishing for Large Taimens,” “Tsaatan Tribes & Fly Fishing Trip,” and “Express Trip in Hövsgöl.”


With over three decades of experience, Fish Mongolia has branched into Mongolia River Outfitters and Fish Mongolia. The latter was established to extend the fishing season in Mongolia to more remote rivers from the mountains, allowing for fishing over additional months due to lower temperatures. Specializing in taimen, amour pike, and Asian trout fishing, the company offers 10-day fishing trips at a cost of US$7,500 per person, covering accommodation, transfers, permits, guides, meals, and beverages. Anglers explore rivers in ClackaCraft drift boats, experiencing luxury in nature and taking on responsibilities in remote locations.


Mongolia Taimen Fishing is the trade name of the American travel agency Sweetwater Travel. This company has partnered with the Mongolian operator Hovsgol Travel and has been operating in Mongolia since 1995. Their operation is located in the Eg-Ur River basin, where they have jointly developed a taimen protection program since 2004.
The Eg-Ur River is situated in central-northern Mongolia and offers excellent settings for fly fishing. It is characterized by clear and easily wadeable waters. Sweetwater’s explorers recall their first fishing trip to Mongolia in 1995, where they discovered 60-inch taimen feeding on dry flies—an incredible experience.

Sweetwater Travel owns a network of fishing camps with Mongolian gers equipped with dining areas, bathrooms, beds, and electricity, strategically located along the Eg-Ur River. These camps provide access to over 120 miles of rivers for trophy-sized taimen and lenok fishing. The main operations center is located at the confluence of the Eg-Ur and Tarialan rivers.


Flyshop Mongolia is a fly fishing store specializing in the sale of fly fishing products and organizing fly fishing expeditions and trips in Mongolia. This store is the authorized representative of brands such as SIMMS, Costa, SAGE, and Redi in the country.
The store is located at the following address: Бага тойруу Building, Ulaanbaatar 15170, Mongolia.
Additionally, Flyshop Mongolia offers guided fly fishing trips in Mongolia utilizing motorized boats, which assist in navigating rivers to remote locations.

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